10/6 Weekly Screening

For our screening for this week, we start out with the first episode of a Korean Drama, Her Private Life, whose main character is a K-pop fan. This is the first screening we’ve had that directly represents and addresses audience experience in an overt way.

Some questions to think about as you watch:

What picture of a kpop fan does it represent? And how does that picture align or complicate the theories of spectatorship we engaged with in the first few weeks of the semester? On top of that, what’s *your* experience as a viewer watching this kdrama depicting kpop fandom?

Her Private Life Episode 1 — On Viki || On Google DriveI recommend watching on Viki with adds because the image quality is much better.

For our second screening, we go back in time to the heydey of Beatlemania, just what Ehrenreich was talking about, with the Beatles film Hard Days Night. Do you see connections between the depictions in this film and Ehrenreich’s argument? Does Beatlemania look ancient or familiar to you? 

For The Curious

Some of you may also be interested in a documentary take on the Beatles by famous documentarians Albert and David Maysle. Their 1964 documentary, rereleased in 1996, available on google drive for our class only here